Terms & Conditions

The Owner shall, upon the signing of this agreement and payment of the initial deposit by the hirer, give possession of the Goods to the Hirer.

The hirer shall keep the Good in good and substantial state of the repair and shall be responsible for all risks thereto.

The hirer shall not under anyway circumstance, without the written consent of the Owner, remove the Goods from his address specified in this agreement or other permitted address.

The hirer shall not without the prior consent of the Owner, make any alteration whatsoever to the Goods.

The Owner of his duly authorized agents shall be permitted by the hirer: at all reasonable times to inspect the condition of the Goods and for such purpose of which any premise where the goods are kept.

The hirer shall not hold himself or herself out as the owner of the Goods or sell, assign transfer pledge, sublet or otherwise deal with the Goods or in any manner inconsistent with the purpose for which the Goods were let out on hire.

The hirer shall give immediate notice to the Owner of any charge in his address or of the premises in which the Goods are kept.

The hirer shall not use the Goods or permit their use in a manner contrary to any laws, status, or regulations for the time being in force.

The hirer, having duly paid the hire-purchase price and observed and the terms and conditions of this agreement, become the absolute owner of the goods.

After one-half of the hire-purchase price has been paid, then unless the hirer has himself put an end to the agreement, the owner shall not be entitled to take the Goods back from the hirer without court order or the consent of the hirer.

If the hirer commits a breach of any of the provisions of this agreement became insolvent or being a limited liability company goes into liquidation, whether compulsory or voluntary or if distress is levied or threatened against the goods or if the Goods are taken in execution, then in each and every such every such event, the Owner shall be entitled to immediate possession of the Goods.

Any notice required to be served under the agreement shall be sufficiently served on the Hirer if sent by registered mail or by facsimile to his (its) last known address in Ghana or delivered personally to him (it) and the owner if sent by registered mail or by facsimile to it office at H/No.9 ABEAS PLAZA, Lashibi-Ashiaman road, Tema or its last known place of business.

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